Cookies Every Day

The Cook, the first cookie, and Cookie (the dog)

Linda and Lindsay have taken on a monumental holiday challenge for what we like to call “Holiday Stuffing, 2009.” I will assume the role of intrepid reporter in order that you may all share in the festivities, where ever you may be. You’ll hear from me every day. You’ll get very hungry. You’ll wish you were here. And you will be here…virtually. For those of you that are more tech-savvy, you can follow the action on Twitter (follow johncmaher).  What is “Holiday Stuffing, 2009”? It is a different cookie recipe, baked each day from November 30 through at least December 23. The idea came from a story that Linda read in the Pioneer Press newspaper. You can check it out online at and search “Cookie-a-day.”  And so it begins….. November 30 – The first cookie of the season is….Burnt Almond Bars! (insert flourish of trumpets here). Due to night class, running a text book down to Andrew at the U, and late-night shopping for ingredients, the baking process started at 9:30pm CST. The topping on the Burnt Almond Bars is similar to the making of caramels. Stir, more stirring; and yet more stirring. Linda did this particular project on her own; John had a work event, and Lindsay had homework.   By 11pm CST, Lindsay did the first taste test. She gave a thumbs-up. John tried them when he got home, and also was impressed. John took most of the Burnt Almond Bars to work today. They were a hit. As I type this last line, with President Obama addressing our nation in the background (I wonder if he’ll mention “Holiday Stuffing, 2009” ?) we are preparing to bake Cookie #2 – Mexican Chocolate Wedding Cakes. Let the mixing begin. Love you all. I may need a new belt when this is all over.

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