Mint and Chocolate

Anyone who knows me knows that, for me, Mint + Chocolate = A Bad Idea

This time-honored law of nature may have been disproved tonight.  Or I might just be in a good mood.

The cookie today, the Peppermint Crunch, had Linda worried right away.  She called me at work.  “I don’t think you’re going to like the cookie today”, she said.  “It’s peppermint and chocolate.”  She knows me too well.  By the time I got home, the first batch was done.  It is a chocolate wafer cookie, dipped in white chocolate and chilled.  Then it is topped with little bits of ground up candy canes.  Lindsay tried the first one.  “Holy cats, those are good.”  Hearing that, I had to try one.  I gotta say, they certainly challenge the wisdom of the chocolate/mint equation.  Temporarily.

Update from yesterday, the verdict is in on the caramels and the concensus is that this is one of the all-time greatest batch of caramels ever produced in our humble kitchen.  We’re pondering whether we’ll share any or just hunker down with some cold milk and see what happens.  We might not answer the phone on the first ring for a couple of days (not that we ever do, but that is for another blog).

The first-ever successful combination of chocolate and mint

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