Holy Moly…the cookie today is something called

Cardamom Lemon Polenta

this might take a while

OK, I am back.  I don’t know what to say.  I have to tell you honestly that what Linda the Chief Cookie Chef created tonight was THE WORST COOKIE IN THE WORLD.  (If you ever watch Keith Olbermann rant on his cable TV show, during the segment he calls “THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD”, then you know how it should sound when you say out loud THE WORST COOKIE IN THE WORLD.  It should sound exactly like Keith Olbermann sounds when he says “THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD”, like with a tiny bit of reverb in your voice.  Speaking of Keith Olbermann, my son and I rode in the same subway car as Keith Olbermann two summers ago after the New York Yankees final old-timers day ever at old Yankee Stadium.  By the way, the apostrophe key on my keyboard is not working right now so I apologize in advance if I should have some apostrophes in this rant but the key is not working.  Anyway, my son did not think it was really Keith Olbermann but I knew that it was.  Keith was looking kind of out-of-sorts, carrying a trench coat.  His hair was not all slicked back as it usually appears on his cable program.  But we got off at the same subway stop as he did in Manhattan.  And he walked to the Trump Tower condo.  When we got back to the place we were staying, we looked up this Trump Building on Google and voila, the first entry that came up was a headline story about Keith Olbermann buying a place in this condo.  So then my son was like, “hey, that WAS Keith Olbermann!”)

So, all you need to know about these cookies is that they have no right to be called “cookies.” Two ingredients are questionable…yellow cornmeal and cardamom.  Cardamom?  I grew up in the suburbs; I honestly cannot say that I have encountered cardamom before tonight.   Tell you what…go to the grocery store, make your way to the spice aisle, find the cardamom, and take a whiff.  Then tell me if that belongs in A COOKIE?

I think that this recipe was a cruel April Fools joke in the midst of what was supposed to be a glorious celebration of Christmas.  BAH CRUMB BUG!

ps.  At the bottom of the email that delivered this recipe, in a description of this alleged cookie, it actually says that they “taste better if they sit for a few days.”  I shit you not, it actually says that.  We’ll never find out at our house, because these cookies are going to sit for a few days at the bottom of the trash.

Please do not try this at home

Should we be concerned about accusations of child abuse?

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  1. What an incredible and delicious journey! If you have any leftovers, send them my way! Don’t think I can get my 3+ boys to help me with such an adventure.

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