Going off-script ….again

Anybody ever heard of the spice called Matcha?  Some kind of Japanese green tea, according to the recipe delivered today as a part of cookie-a-day.  Anyhow, Linda went looking for it down here in the outer-ring suburbs and could not find it.  Since it was the key ingredient in the recipe that was emailed today, we were just NOT going to be able to make those cookies.  (not sure that is a bad thing…see below.)  Soooooooo, she went “off script” and made something called Oreo Truffles.  Safe choice around here.   Believe it or not, I have not gained any weight thus far, through a week and a half of  “Holiday Stuffing 2009.”   The Chief Cookie Chef has actually lost weight.  I’m not sure about all the folks that I work with who get a daily delivery of treats.

Here’s a look at the Oreo Truffles along with one of the Black-and-White’s from yesterday.

This is a picture of the Matcha cookies. Yes, they are THAT color.

Oreo Truffles and the Black-and-White

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