Chocolate Chip cookies – 1 Wild slump – 0

I knew this would work.  You see, last night, the Wild lost and weren’t very good against Chicago.  But we still got to eat delicious Black & White cookies thanks to the CCC.  Tonight, the Wild were back home against Calgary and played one of their best games of the season and won 4-1.  And I got home and there were freshly baked Chocolate Chip cookies.  You see?  I really can’t lose, can I?

Right when I got home, I discovered the oldest son scrounging for spare car keys.  He had come home from work as was planning to just run inside quick and then head back out.  He left the one-and-only Blue Ball (our ’96 Cavalier) running when he came in.  (It’s still cold out, but not as cold as it has been for the past few days.  My new weather station has been extremely helpful in reminding us that the temp has been below zero for about seven straight days now or something like that. )

Anyway, the oldest (eldest?) son left his car running, but, out of habit, reached and locked the lock on his way out the car door.  Once inside the house, he realized that his spare key was ALSO still in the car from this morning when he had grabbed it to go warm up the car before he went out the first time today.  Yup…both keys in the locked car, and the engine running.  Bummer.   He’s waiting for the locksmith now.

I think that the chocolate chip cookies made him feel slightly better, too.

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