More wins, more baking

Recent events leave little doubt that it is, in fact, the bakery-goodness of the work of our beloved CCC that is inspiring the local hockey club.

Tonight, the Stanley Cup champs, the Penguins, came to town, along with all the associated hoopla, hangers-on and front-runner fans.  There were a ridiculous number of Penguins jerseys in the arena.  (The middle son, who got to attend the game with a buddy, made a smart decision and left his Crosby jersey at home in the closet, opting instead to wear his brand-new Wild green #9 “KOIVU” jersey.)

Anyhow, back at home the Chief Cookie Chef was busy with RED VELVET CUPCAKES.  Yes, they are as tasty as you are imagining right now.  And, likely just as the last bit of frosting was being placed atop the last cupcake, the local hockey club was finishing off a 4-3 victory over the Champs.  We’re back at it Wednesday against the Canucks; I have to come up with an appropriately nasty cookie to match the nastiness of that Wild opponent.  Maybe we’ll try to find that cardamom cookie recipe.

Cupcake and ice-cold milk

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