The Arrival of the Cookies has Arrived

For two straight years now, December 1 has been super duper.  The Chief Cookie Chef is once again embarking on a mission of love.  “Holiday Stuffing 2010” is here!

Cookie #1 for 2010 is an old favorite.  The CCC baked them in honor of her co-worker, Scott H., whose birthday is tomorrow.  They are known by more than one name, apparently.


Take a look at the images from before the oven and after.

Before they went into the oven










After coming out of the oven


Now, you see, it goes without saying that they TASTE good.  They just look funny.   Quote from the CCC…”I followed the recipe.”

We’ll hope for an artistic success tomorrow, to go along with “they taste good.”

Special thanks to the Number One Daughter for helping out with photography tonight since I was working at the big rink downtown.  She had a busy night; she was also working on homework AND college applications AND (I think) scholarship applications.  That’s it for tonight.  Keep warm until tomorrow. Speaking of things that don’t look quite right, but are still good anyway, here’s a music video that I like.

“So now I’m prayin’ for the end of time, to hurry up and arrive…”    I love that part.


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