Late Night with the CCC

As Friday night turns into Saturday morning, the CCC and your intrepid cookie reporter are wrapping up work on a batch of Chocolate Crinkles.  “Why the late night?”  you may ask…

Snowy Friday Night

SNOW and LOTS of IT!

The snow makes for a beautiful holiday scene but slowed things down tonight on the cookie baking front.  I worked at the game at the big rink in downtown Saint Paul (Wild lost in a shootout).   And the CCC went to an office holiday party after work, so she did not get to baking right away.

So, while I was working my way home in the snow (and picking up the Number One Son on the way, a detour which nearly caused me to be obliterated by a snowplow!), the CCC was mixing up the Chocolate Crinkle dough.  This cookie was a special request from the Big Sister on the West Coast.

The dough needs to chill for THREE HOURS before baking, so the CCC opened a nice bottle of Sterling Vineyards’ Pinot Noir.

CCChillin' with the Pinot Noir

Once the chillin’ was complete (around the time that David Letterman’s interview with Cher wrapped up), we teamed up to dunk the chocolatey goodness into powdered sugar and begin the baking.  These are some awesomely awesome cookies.  A shipment will be going to the Big Sister on the West Coast.

It is now 12:34 am Saturday morning and the last batch just went into the oven.  What will the weekend bring?  We will certainly have to fire up the snow thrower tomorrow….

Scooping the chilled dough balls into the sugar

Complete sugary coating is required

Ready for the oven

Just about ready to be devoured

There is a lot of, I mean pride in the CCC

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  1. Am I the big sister on the West Coast? Boy, either way, I will be watching my mailbox with fingers crossed for some of my favorite cookies!

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