Second try at cookies tonight

I had an event after work tonight, so I did not walk in the door until about 9:45pm.  I had called home to the CCC to check in on the way, to see if she needed another 10 pounds of butter or another Sam’s Club-size container of chocolate chips.  She had told me, “No. All set.  Making Ginger Snaps.”

So I walk in the door and the first thing I see is the CCC hovering over a very full kitchen trash.  On the top of the trash is a sort of a brown-ish wet clump of what was going to be ginger snaps.  It looked kind of like when the dog used to get into the pot of chili and then leave a special gift for us on the carpet.

Anyhow, apparently the molasses she used to mix up the Ginger Snaps had an expiration date of something like July of 2007.  She took one taste and knew there was no use bakin’ em.

I told her it was OK to skip a night given the molasses debacle, but now here it is 10:30pm and she’s determined to whip something up.  Something called “Pepper Nuts.”   (Except they contain no pepper and no nuts.  Some kind of Danish concoction.  If you are interested, here are some more Danish holiday dishes you can enjoy;  careful… the cookies contain cardamom. )

Something called "Pepper Nuts" ready for the oven

Consuming the "Pepper Nuts" for the purpose of blog update - DURING the blog update

10:50pm Update

So, these Pepper Nuts cookies are actually tasting pretty good.  They don’t look like much, but that just goes to show you.  Jerry Kill does not look like much either, but here he is coaching the University of Minnesota football boys.

(Usually, when the Gophers hire their next football coach, you’ve at least heard of the fella before.  Maybe on ESPNU or as a part of the “Craziest Football Names of the Year” show on Fox Sports Net.  But, then, along comes a fella named Jerry Kill.)

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