Back after the BIG DIG OUT

WOW!  That was A LOT of the white stuff!  The sun did come back out on Sunday, but we had to move snow.

Blue sky and bright sunshine and giant snowdrifts

So, instead of the Cardamom cookies that she was threatening, the CCC instead came thru with NUT GOODIE BARS on Saturday.  You’ll remember from last year that these are the World’s Greatest Candy Bar.  They are also awesome home made.  With ingredients like these (pictured)  you cannot go wrong.

Nut Goodie fixins...big, heaping bowls full of peanut butter and chocolate chips











Monday - Peppermint Crunch

Nut Goodie - homemade

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  1. I’m not sure how we rated the cookie delivery but many thanks. Anna comes home tomorrow so we have been holding off on them for now. Snow has been very impressive. Ditto for the new double oven. We got a major 1 inch dump ourselves yesterday. Of course school was canceled so Karl went out to have a snowball fight with friends but reported they did not know how to have a snowball fight, so it was a bust. We are culturally deprived down here.

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