Inflatable Christmas

I’m sure that you’ve seen these.  Six-foot-high…ten-foot-high…twenty-foot-high inflatable characters on the frontyards or rooftops or decks of your neighbors’ homes.  (Or maybe your home?)

Yesterday I drove by a house that had a 20-foot-tall Mickey Mouse dressed in his holiday outfit perched atop the home owners’ front porch.  One of our neighbors down the street has three 8-foot snowmen characters, two 6-foot snowmen, a Santa-riding-a-rocking-horse, and two 4-foor penguins all “decorating” the front yard.  It’s pretty windy today; the snowmen are listing a bit.  The Santa/Rocking Horse has some kind of device inside of it that keeps the horse rocking.  Santa has one arm held high, likely intended to be a welcoming wave to the young children as they pass by, but it really ends up looking like Santa’s joined the rodeo and is riding the rip-roarin’est bull in all the North Pole.

These neighbors seem to add a new inflatable each day.  By Christmas morning, it will be pretty crowded over there and there will be enough hot air blowing around to melt the snow.

there are not this many on our street - yet

I’d love to hear about (or see) how the holiday decorations are shaping up in your neighborhood.

Back on the cookie front, we’re mixing up caramels today.

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