Whalers taste orangey

This spatula did not have what it takes

Stocking Up on Baking Supplies

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The First Cookie is Almost Here

December 1

It snowed just a tiny bit overnight.  Just enough to spark a bit more of a holiday feel around here.  Tonight, the first cookie, the White Chocolate Whalers, will arrive.

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Discovering new cookies

We always had Christmas cookies at our house when I was growing up.  We had Toffee Bars,  spritz cookies, and these green meringue things.  There were probably others, but those are the ones that stick with me.  The meringues usually had chocolate chips, kind of a minty chocolate combo.


The spritz cookies always had icing and occasionally had sprinkles or something.Looking at the calendar for this coming month, there are a lot of new cookies that we’ll get to try.

On a totally different holiday topic…every night this week when I have arrived home (and Monday night it was about 10pm) one of my neighbors has been out hanging Christmas lights on their house.   On a ladder.  In the dark.  I appreciate a tasteful holiday lighting display as much as the next person, but, gosh, what’s the hurry?   Speaking of tasteful holiday lighting displays, those of you who drive along Cedar Ave in Bloomington just south of Mall of America, have you seen the giant oak tree that is all lit up in a cool blue?  Wow!  Just try to keep one eye on the road as you check it out.

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You Can’t Wait One More Day?

The CCC brought home a package of pre-mixed, ready-to-bake, refrigerated cookie dough tonight.  She baked them.  I ate five.  Why?

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Two Days Until Cookies

I am creating this post on my iPad.  Can you tell the difference?

checking out the official “holiday stuffing 2011” cookie calendar, and I see that the first cookie on the schedule is called “White Chocolate Whalers.”. The recipe calls for “high quality white chocolate”, so that is a good start.  Orange zest.  Rice Krispies.  Seems to be a good choice.

(it took me WAY too long to type that.  I don’t think i’ll be using the iPad much for blogging. I need a real keyboard)


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Completely Cookies

breaking news from the kitchen of “Holiday Stuffing 2011″…I have found evidence of a calendar which seems to have each date already filled with a cookie of choice.  I’ll keep the details under wraps for now, except for one minor complaint.  I DO NOT see the Nut Goodie scheduled anywhere, and I have reviewed the thing multiple times.  This, of course, has to be an error.  I do see many old favorites.  I also see some new entries, some of which may hold some promise.

I realized tonight that this will be the first year that I’ll be able to blog via iPad.  This is great news for you, my cherished readers.  It means more cookie coverage, more immediate up-to-the-minute cookie coverage.  It also likely means that there will be a lot of gooey, chocolatey mess on the iPad screen.  Anyone have a recommendation for a good iPad screen cleaner?


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Year III

is it wrong to use roman numerals?  is that copyright controlled by the National Football League ? (read that last line in your best John Facenda voice.)

The Chief Cookie Chef is doing it all over again in 2011.  She’s driven.  She’s prepared.  She’s enlisted assistants for to provide assistance.  She will organize the recipes, shop for ingredients, mix, stir, whip, bake and decorate.  I will lick the bowl.  And the spoons.  And probably the spatula, but I’m not really crazy about licking the spatula because of that rubbery, plasticky taste.  But I’ll do it.   Then I’ll eat more than my share of the cookies.  Then I’ll make up some clever stuff to write about it and take some pictures and post them.   That’s what bloggers do in the new era of cookie-blogging.

Welcome back to the blog.  I’m happy.

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30 ’til I’m 50

Down to 30 days to my 50th birthday.  Better be a helluva party.

I’ve been doing well.  17 out of the 19 days in January, I’ve done my 40 minutes at 60 to 70% of maximum heartbeat.  (As prescribed in “Younger Next Year.”)  Feeling good.  Looking remarkably the same.

Now THAT is a compelling blog post.

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50 ’til I’m 50 – Day One

Outside temperature – 7 degrees F – wind from the WSW 20 to 30 MPH.  The CCC and I bundled up for a 40-minute walk along the shores of Lake Marion.  Actually ON the frozen surface of Lake Marion for a bit.  (Yeah, we’re THAT into risk and danger.)  Felt pretty good except for the brief portions of the walk directly INTO the wind.  Used the new heart monitor I received for Christmas.  Maximum 158, average 120.  And we’re off into 2011!

Lots o' Layers to keep warm

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Happy New Year!

When I was a kid, and day-dreamed about when I’d be 50 years old in the year 2011, it seemed SOOOOOOOO far off in the future.  Welcome to the Future.

Today, I am 50 days away from my 50th Birthday.

A friend recently recommended to me the book “Younger Next Year”.   It’s basic message is simply –  Exercise EVERY DAY to keep feeling good in the “next third” of your life.  It is co-authored by a New York City doctor and one of his patients who created and adopted a health and fitness life-style program and decided they wanted to share it.  Easy read; un-complicated message.  You just have to DO IT.   That’s always been my challenge.  I have decided multiple times that I was going to commit to a fitness plan, only to have commitment wane after a week or two or three.

New Year’s Day 2011 is another chance for a start at it.   Fifty days to my 50th birthday.

I better cut back on the cookies.

Good thing I decided at Midnight to pop the champagne cork out on the back deck. It flew a good forty feet out into a stiff breeze.

Had to scout out the location in the light of day this morning. Must be some kind of world record cork-flying distance. Certainly would have been looking at ceiling damage indoors.

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